A Quick Look at Bali Kratom for the Newbie

Over the past few years people have been talking about kratom and the benefits they swear by. However, there are a number of strains, and some are more popular than others because not all kratom has exactly the same effects. It depends on what you are looking for and this should be noted with Bali kratom as well. There are two main strains on the market today: red and green, and although they are both labelled Bali, they are typically different in strength and effect. If you are new to kratom, here is a bit of what you might want to know about Bali kratom.

Where Does Bali Kratom Come From?

As with most strains of kratom on the market, Bali kratom is native to Southeast Asia and is grown today in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It is thought to have originated in Bali, thus the name, but no one knows for sure. Kratom has been grown and used for medicinal purposes for centuries, so the origin of any strain is probably difficult to trace. What we can be sure of is where it is produced today.

The Effects of Bali Kratom

Often referred to as the ‘slow strain’ of Kratom, it is best known for its relaxation and calming effects. Unlike some strains that give the user that lift of energy, the Bali strain is often taken at night or later in the day to wind down after a long, busy day. However, you will not feel sedation, but rather just a mild, relaxed feeling that puts you in a place where you can simply find anxiety being lifted away.

How Bali Kratom Is Sold

Again, as with any strain of kratom, there are several ways in which it is sold. Bali comes in powder or capsules, but you will find that Bali kratom powder is popular among people who want to be able to regulate the amount they are taking. In fact, the powder form seems to be most popular because it makes it easier to adjust dosages to your liking.

Average Dosages of Bali Kratom

In the beginning, you might want to do a little bit of experimenting. However, as a general rule of thumb 1 to 2.5 grams generally gives you light effects whereas 2 – 4 grams will produce moderate levels of stress relief, pain management, and a bit of appetite suppression. It is not suggested that you go over 6 grams, especially as a newbie. Always start on the low end to ensure you tolerate that level well before picking it up a notch.

As the most popular strain of kratom, Bali kratom in red or green strains seems to be the easiest to find but don’t be misled by its availability. It is best purchased from a company that regulates how it is produced. Not all labels will be the same, so always check to see that Bali kratom is being produced and packaged by a company with good reviews.