Find a Box Worthy of Your Jewels

Jewelry collections are among the most common kinds of collections that enthusiasts would possess. Why shouldn’t they be? Despite the fact that such collections can cost quite a fortune, some jewelry is a family heirloom and/or has sentimental value to the collector. Nevertheless, collectors often find ways to flaunt their collections, which is unlikely done by jewelry collectors due to their price and running the risk of them getting stolen. Instead, they opt to place their prized possessions in jewelry boxes.

Even if you don’t have a collection to speak of but only have a handful of jewelry, you’ll still need a jewelry box to store them. Jewelry pieces are often brittle, and hard to clean once stained; thus you’ll need a jewelry box. There is probably none that can rise up to your need of a jewelry box except My Treasure Box.

The Perks of Dealing With the Store

Having taken up the mission of bringing Australia the best assortment of jewelry and watch boxes at the best prices possible, My Treasure Box prides itself in its top-tier personalized customer service. Their promise of maintaining the best price policy comes with the fact that their boxes’ prices in their site, at, are already inclusive of shipping fees. A one-time payment for your orders, which can be done in numerous ways since My Treasure Box accept payments through verified channels to guarantee your security such as payment through all cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, or ZipMoney, offers unparalleled convenience.

It is likely that you’ll want a box design that will fit into the motif of your home, or you could have your own preferences. For example, if you have a predominantly wooden house or simply want to maintain a feel of wooden textures and designs in your room, you can choose from My Treasure Box’s many different wooden designs for jewelry boxes. Popular boxes with wooden themes are the Pearl Time boxes, coming in different sizes and shapes to properly accommodate your load of jewelry. Feel free to browse through their site and see for yourself the other designs.

If you have concerns about the security of your jewelry pieces, My Treasure Box has you covered. Many of the boxes they sell come with locks and keys. They understand that your boxes have to be elegant and at the same time they know that everyone takes security seriously. In fact, some of the jewelry boxes on their store can double as watch boxes and cases for small personal belongings like cellular phones; hence the need for locks on some of the boxes. Also, many of the boxes come with built-in mirrors, so that you won’t have to procure a separate mirror. You’ll be able to test out your pieces and how you look with them.

The Easy Return perk lets you return an order back to My Treasure Box for a replacement or even a refund. Such is a show of the store’s goal of putting the preferences of their customers first. While it is sad that My Treasure Box does not ship outside Australia at the moment, nothing is stopping them from being able to do so in the near future.

With My Treasure Box’s wares, give your precious jewelry protection and a comfortable place to sit out while you’re not using them. Your collection is treasurable, so get it a box from My Treasure Box today!