Responding Amazon Reviews the Right Way

Online business is very common nowadays. There are so many applications and websites wherein people can browse a variety of products for different uses available from different seller and areas. When it comes to online shopping, one extremely common app and website is Amazon where basically people can check whatever item they have been looking for.

Although for some it seems easy because it’s just online and not a physical store, however, there are times where customers are really not satisfied with one’s product or something just went wrong. Because almost everything on the internet is accessible and it is so easy to upload comments and reviews, poor or negative reviews may ruin one’s business if it’s not handled properly.

Now, what will be discussed in this article is about getting good Amazon reviews for business owners who wanted to stay connected with their customers, improve their product, and grow their business.

How to Respond to Amazon Reviews

1. Reply to Customers Publicly

The customer would really appreciate it if sellers online would put an effort in responding to their concerns, queries, or reviews. However, it is advised that it should be done publicly for several reasons. One, other customers might have the same concern or review. The same people might need an answer to the same question or review. Also, it is one way to show the customers that the seller is very open when it comes to answering the review of their clients; to make sure that they get to enjoy a full experience using the product the customer bought in a seller’s online store.

2. Review What You Say Before Sending It

Sellers must never get carried away by their emotions when it comes to answering their customers. Not all reviews in one’s product will favor one’s business. Some people will always have something negative to say about one’s product, but what is important the most is that the sellers need to always remember that they need to address every concern professionally so as not to cause any damage in their business’ reputation.

3. Respond Quickly as Much as Possible

What people like the most when they have queries is when sellers respond to their questions if not immediately, but faster. There is nothing more satisfying than getting an answer immediately from sellers. This will show customers that the sellers are really committed when it comes to communicating and connecting to them. Preferably sellers should set a specific time in a day where their focus is to check reviews and other queries regarding their product. This strategy can also build trust between the seller and the customer.

4. Always Respond Professionally

If people wanted to grow their business successfully, one of the most important things they need to always practice is how to act professionally. This means that every move when it comes to responding to customer’s review, especially when it’s a poor review, people need to thoroughly think of their response. It should be objective and informative where the main goal is to address the concern of the customer and give information about the product which will help the customer understand the product more.

What Does Adaptogen Do? Learning More about Adaptogen

Heard about adaptogen lately? These are herbal pharmaceuticals that usually used to counteract all the effects of life-threatening-stress.

Stress is a normal body response to events that make a person feels pressured or threatened; because of stress, it makes a person focus, alert, and energetic. However, if stress becomes too overwhelming, it becomes life-threatening, damaging a person’s well-being and health.

Fortunately, there are ways to beat up stress; and one of these is the adaptogens.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are an exceptional group of herbs that are used to boost the health of your adrenal system – the one that is responsible for managing the hormonal response during stressful events. Here are adaptogenic herbs that you often find in most reliable and effective adaptogen supplements:

•    Ashwagandha – Contains immune tonic, nervine relaxant, fertility tonic, and antispasmodic properties.
•    Holy basil – Contains antioxidant, diuretic, carminative, expectorant, immune system tonic, and nervine properties.
•    Rhodiola Rosea – Contains antiviral, immune stimulant, nervine, neuroprotectant, and heart tonic properties.
•    Eleuthero – It contains nervine, immune tonic, hypoglycemic, and endurance booster properties.
•    Cordyceps – This herb contains kidney and liver protectant, fertility tonic, immune aid, fatigue remedy properties.
•    Amla – This herb contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, mild-laxative, and anti-viral properties.

How do adaptogens work?

These adaptogenic herbs are naturally designed to strengthen the body when responding to all sort of stress encountered.

According to the experts, adaptogens acts like a thermostat; it helps neutralize the body from producing stress hormones. Also, it helps you feel relaxed and calm during situations when you feel too much pressure. But, that is not all; adaptogens are able to work as follows:

  • Better sources of energy – Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine have been using adaptogenic herbs to boost someone’s energy.
  • Help reduce inflammation – One of the most common properties found in most adaptogenic herbs is the anti-inflammation capabilities. According to the experts, inflammation is an essential link between metabolic disease and stress; since inflammation is one of the body’s responses to stress, when intense stress over-activates, the natural inflammatory response of the body becomes imbalanced, which may lead to metabolic disorders. Fortunately, adaptogens have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation.
  • Help reduce fatigue– Too much stress can cause fatigue; one of the most common effects of too much stress is fatigue. Taking adaptogen helps reduce fatigability; this is because most of the adaptogens contain anti-oxidants, throwing the toxins out of the body and boosting the immune system to help you overcome the effects of too much stress.
  • Alleviates anxiety and depression –When a person is stressed, the normal synaptic regulation of the brain is compromised; thus, affecting the normal mental and emotional functions of a person experiencing too much stress. Fortunately, adaptogens were discovered to alleviate anxiety and depression felt by people who are often under stress.

There are other benefits that adaptogens can do, for instance:

•    Balances the hormones, especially the production of cortisol.
•    Fights cancer
•    Reduces the levels of cholesterol
•    Improves sleep
•    Protects the liver and heart

So, if you live in a stressful environment, do not hesitate to take the best adaptogen supplement.

Questions to Ask When Meeting a Divorce Lawyer for the First Time

divorce procedures

In the United States alone, there are about 2 million marriages. From that, there have been about 800,000 divorces.

When going through a divorce, it’s far from fun, games, and parties. It’s a very serious business that entails time, effort, and finance. The wisest decision would be getting a great lawyer who knows what he/she is doing. A lawyer who has realistic goals as well as methods which have been proven to be effective. But of course, every divorce case is different and lawyers may face unique challenges for every case. Still, divorce clients should make an effort to land on the right legal professional available in town.

As a client, there is one way for you to know if you are in the right hands and that as by asking questions; however, it’s not just asking any questions but asking the right ones. Their answers will determine whether or not you will go for their services and whether or not their methods match your expectations.

Questions to Ask

  • Fees and Estimated Cost

Lawyers have different ways of charging their clients. Some may charge hourly and some may not. It’s very important to know how your attorney’s fee structure looks like. If it’s hourly, make sure you get to know how much is the rate per hour.

Aside from getting to know the basic fees, you should also ask your lawyer about the estimated costs of your divorce case. However, keep in mind that honest divorce lawyers, such as Denver Divorce Attorneys, would probably have a hard time answering this question. If the lawyer gives you a surprisingly inexpensive estimate, there’s a chance that that lawyer may just be trying to get you as their client.

  • Experience and Strategies

One way to know if the lawyer you’re seeing is capable of handling your case without difficulty is by outrightly asking about his/her experience. Check the number of divorce cases they’ve settled in the past and ask if they have handled a case similar to yours.

Make sure you also ask about the strategies he/she has in mind for your case. However, don’t expect much. Realistic lawyers may need more time to digest your case and come up with the right strategies.

results of a divorce

  • Chances of custody

If you’re dealing with child custody scenarios, ask your lawyer what your chances are of obtaining custody. But only do so if you have informed your lawyer honestly about your situation. You will also need to ask your lawyer which issues are best to concede or to challenge.

  • Estimated Timeline

Divorce may take a couple of months up to several years depending on the complexity of the situation. As a client, you’ll need a rough overview of how long your case will probably take and you can simply ask your lawyer for an estimated timeline. Do keep in mind, however, that there may be unexpected turn of events that may prolong the case even more.

  • Predicted ruling

If your lawyer has had a lot of experiences in divorce cases, he/she might be able to predict the possible ruling. You may ask your attorney for his/her forecast as this may greatly help you prepare for the worst. However, don’t forget that it is the judge who makes the decision and not the lawyers.

Great Potential of Semiconductor for Power Electronics

Transistors composed of beta gallium oxide, a type of semiconductor, are being experimented by researchers due to its great potential to the technpower1tology of Power Electronics. This is known as a study where the flow of electrical energy in an electronic circuit is being controlled through switching. With this type of transistor, it has the capability to introduce new switches for the optimization of power usage. Advancements in Power Electronics is beneficial because applications such as Aerospace and Military technologies which uses power grids for transmission lines that
can hold electricity makes use of these. 
Optimization of transistors is being researched since it was discovered that the use of advanced semiconductor materials rather than the typical silicon can provide a breakthrough towards more compact and efficient power electronics. Since its behavior is different from that of the silicon-made transistor, they see it as a potential. In return, the discoveries of the small components can greatly improve everything when it comes to electrical grids and even to the consumer electronics. This was led by the Sandia National Laboratories researchers where it was published in the Applied Physics Letters and Electronic Letters and even presented at various conferences.


Further developments are the focus in semiconductors due to its application in the next-generation power electronics. Not only because it can immeasurably make the applications better but because of it being environmentally friendly since the use of global energy and the harmful effects of greenhouse gas are reduced. Currently, they are being recouped with the power electronics which are applied in various industrial, consumer, transportation, and aerospace applications.


Providing promising characteristics, gallium oxide-made transistors acquire a good characteristic of ultra-wide band gap, which is better for power power2telectronics. This is because an ultra-wide band
gap results in faster switching transient that has lower loss per switching cycle.
Moreover, other devices which are also made from beta gallium oxide, like this transistor, have higher breakdown voltage. For a transistor, breakdown voltage means the maximum voltage that a transistor can handle for each of its pins or junctions, therefore more flexibility for higher voltage applications.The research about the beta gallium oxide transistors is published in the IEEE Electronic Device Letters for this month wherein it was claimed that a great portion of the gallium oxide transistor research was performed by graduate students of Hong Zhou.


In relation to this, the team of researchers also discovered a method to remove layers of a single crystal semiconductor. This is with the use of power3tadhesive tape that they used as an alternative and is
much less expensive compared to the laboratory procedure of Epitaxy. Epitaxy is a process of depositing a thin layer of single-crystal material on a single-crystal substrate. A 1cm x 1.5cm piece of beta gallium oxide costs about $6000 when it is produced by Epitaxy. However, with the use of the scotch tape method, thin films can also be cut into belts or nano-membranes in a less expensive approach. These nano-membranes are transferred to a typical silicon disc and will be manufactured as transistors and such. 
In addition, the produced nano-membranes are extremely smooth, a characteristic that contributes well in the application of electronic devices. With this, electrical current achieved from this experiment is 10 to 100 times greater compared to the ability of other semiconductor materials. However, like other materials, the use of gallium oxide has its own drawback. It has a poor thermal property. Attaching the said material to a substrate of diamond or aluminum though, can help solve this specific problem.