Awesome Party Ideas: The Different Types of Lights

ideas for party lights

When hosting a party, regardless if at home or at a rented function hall, one great way to step up the game is by providing some good lights. Of course, no party guest would wish to attend a party being held in the dark. And let’s face it, choosing boring fluorescent lights is almost the same as having no lights at all.

Party Lights

One of the most affordable ways to make your party grand is really by setting up some awesome lights in the venue. The lights give the party place a greater party vibe and it helps it avoid looking boring. So, for those who are planning to throw a party, lighting is definitely essential. It’s something hosts should never miss out on nor underestimate. However, the types of lights should also be appropriate to what kind of party you are throwing.

Different Types

Fortunately, there are so many choices of lighting in the market. From disco lights to simple candle lights, there is a wide variety that will definitely work great with whatever party you wish to throw. Without further delay, let’s check out the different types of lights that might just be useful for your coming parties.

  • Candle lights

When hosting an intimate event, candle lights may be the best choice of lighting to go for. There are hundreds of different ways to use candle lights. Most commonly, they are placed on jars or glasses and are placed as a centerpiece of each tables. Candle lights may also be hung from strings or sprawled on the ground; however, you will have to be extra careful if you opt to do this. Make sure the candles are safely secured in order to avoid cases of fire as there have been house fires caused by lit candle.

  • Lantern lights

A great choice for source of light during outdoor parties are lanterns. Lanterns definitely have their own uniqueness. Still, candles are commonly used for lanterns; however, there are also solar lanterns which use solar energy instead of candles.

party ideas

  • String lights

To give your outdoor or indoor party a trendy look, string lights might just do the trick. Great for all sorts of parties, string lights will help you achieve awesome lights all over the place without really so much effort. Usually, string lights are placed overhead or are used to wrap around columns and pillars.

  • Series lights

If you’re the type who likes reusing and recycling, series lights used for Christmas season are a great choice for your event. With series, you can just place them anywhere, activate their transistor and there you have it. You may use them to wrap around trees, tables, chairs or even on the ground.

  • Laser lights and Party lights

When it comes to laser lights, there are different types as well. Of course, all types can be used for your party. Laser lights used for Christmas refer to those that reflect a wide array of dots or other designs; this type of light has a wide coverage when it comes to area. This works well if you want a quick way to add lights to the party venue. Check out Laser Christmas HQ’s website to know more about this.

Now, another type of laser lights are those what we call “party” lights. Oftentimes, clubs make use of these lights while loud dancing music plays in the background. You can also make use of this if you plan to throw a party that will definitely include booze and dancing.